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Normally, we offer support in three separate, but connected stages:


Stage One: Comprehensive audit and strategic action plan.

In the first place, we help our clients gain absolute control over their fundraising environment by producing a Report or blue-print for action - assessing where you are most likely to secure your money, how much money it is likely to be, and what you have to do to make sure this money comes your way. Essentially, it involves an assessment of your readiness (people and material resource); benchmarking and competitive analysis; understanding and interpreting your brand positioning and values; assessing your PR distribution channels and outputs; assembly and packaging of your fundraising assets with values, propositions, benefits and targets; timescales and costs; and recommendations for implementation.


The additional ‘extra’ is the searingly good idea which weaves its way through the Report and provides the creative coherence which links all the parts and differentiates you from anyone else. The Report’s recommended actions are clearly outlined and fully costed and worked out.


Stage Two: Training and mentoring support to ensure effective implementation of the plan.

Once we have produced the Report and presented it to you, the next stage is that we can stay (if you wish or need us to) and help you to achieve your success through a combination of hands-on implementation, up-skilling your in-house team and supporting your honorary fundraisers. In short, we work ultimately towards our own redundancy, and leave our client organisations in a position to fly solo when the tasks have plateaued out to a more manageable level.


Stage Three: Hands-On Implementation

At times, some tasks which need heightened skill sets are better handled by external specialists.



Here is what we will do directly on your behalf:

  • Brand development and roll-out
  • Public relations programmes
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Appeal management
  • Corporate relations

Free Consultancy so that you can explain your requirements to us more fully.